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Over the last 10 years, the need to move to web based services has increased dramatically, eHub gives customers the flexibility they need to manage changing business and operational requirements within an increasingly competitive market. AviNet Mail eHub is part of ARINC’s continued commitment to delivering significant cost efficiencies across the whole messaging environment.


  • Flexibility
  • eHub is a web-based service accessible from any location with internet an internet connection. 
  • Accessible on multiple platforms and devices via a URL
  • Windows, Mac and Linux support
  • Mobile device accessibility
  • CUTE environment support
  • XML, Type X, Type B, SMTP, X400, Fax and SMS
  • Familiar and logical, designed with the user in mind
  • A hosted solution totally managed byARINC
  • No software download or install required (for standard messaging client)
  • High quality of service and support 24/7
  • Simple user management.

Reduced Costs

  • No expensive internal server installs or software licenses.
  • Simple and cost effective capacity and user management
  • Internal / local message routing with no cost.

Security & Message Assurance

Security is delivered through HTTPS URL with the safe and secure environment of anARINChosted solution.

Message assurance is provided so that even if the internet connection is lost the messages are stored until delivery can be achieved when the connection is restored.

Single and Multi-User

Bringing another benefit of SaaS eHub has been designed so that it easily configurable to meet the needs of all aviation industry customers from a single user to a global user with multiple divisions and departments with varying messaging requirements.