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Experience and innovation keep people moving

With the number of travelers increasing every year and changing security requirements, airport operators are constantly working to keep lines shorter and passengers moving smoothly - making passenger processing more crucial than ever. We have nearly 80 years of experience understanding and meeting the needs of the aviation and airport industries. We design, install and maintain processing solutions configured to be efficient, economical space-savers - fully integrated and easily adaptable to the always-evolving needs of airport operations.


Common Use Check-In

The only truly cloud-based common-use check-in platform in the industry, vMUSE Enterprise moves software functions that were formerly on the airport user's workstation into ‘virtual machines’ and extends CUPPS support to off-site locations and wireless devices. Scalable for any size airline or airport, vMUSE Enterprise reduces costs by eliminating the need for airport-based passenger IT infrastructure.


Self Service Kiosks

Keep people moving efficiently, safely and cost-effectively

Global air traffic doubles every 15 years. Passenger traffic will rise an average of 5 percent a year for the next several decades. While this is great news for aviation as a whole, it creates new challenges for airports to keep people moving efficiently. That is why the industry has been so adoptive of self-serve solutions that allow passengers to bypass traditional lines.

We install more than 60 percent of the world's airport check-in kiosks and have delivered first-of-its-kind technology such as self-boarding gates, self-baggage tagging and automated one-way security corridors. With smartphone users expected to reach 1.5 billion in just a few years, the passenger expectation will be to navigate multiple airport touch points and nearly 90 percent of airports plan to invest in mobile apps and infrastructure. Our ARINC Self-Serve Solutions will be there to help airports keep people moving efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.


Off Site Check-In

Helping passengers cruise through check-in - OnVoy

With off-site check-in growing more and more popular with passengers every year, we have made it our mission to help provide your customers with as many traveling conveniences as possible. That's why we developed Rockwell Collins' ARINC OnVoySM - a remote check-in application that allows passengers to spend significantly less time at the airport. All of this adds up to more revenue opportunities for your operations.

Represented on all six major cruise lines, and currently in use on over 70 ships, ARINC OnVoy has become the industry standard, and the leading off-site means of check-in. Passengers just have to sign up. Attendants deliver printed bag tags, and pick up the bags the night before departure.

With such success in the cruise line industry, ARINC OnVoy is also easily optimized for hotels and resorts, as well as convention centers and other group settings. We have implemented the efficient, versatile system throughout Walt Disney World Resorts - enhancing the passenger experience and freeing up valuable consumer time.


Self Service Bag Drop

Self-Serve Baggage Solution - ExpressDrop With over 80% of check-ins now taking place away from traditional dedicated airport workstations, common-use systems are dominating the way people travel. Whether it's on-site common-use kiosks, through dedicated hotel systems, at rental car agencies, convention centers, on cruise ships or even over the Internet - travelers are enjoying more self-serve options - and Rockwell Collins' ARINC ExpressDropSM delivers a baggage solution just as convenient.

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